Looking For Players 300 +,400+

Looking for Players🍀

We are looking for Players lvl 300+/400+ that want to be a part of the Rising of CelticWarHeros moving towards Sapphire.:four_leaf_clover:Participation is Mandatory and we are a 100%Atlas Team.

Three C’s principles apply: Compassionate. Communication and Team Chatter Makes us a friendly natured team.:four_leaf_clover:

If this is the Team you been looking for to Advance in WD. Check out Our requirements Below to see if this is what you’ve been looking for.:four_leaf_clover:

Contact:DrummerGirl7 or QueenofCelts to ask any Question.Hope to Fly with You Soon!:four_leaf_clover:

LFM - Platinum 3- DrummerGirl7/QueenofCelts

LFM – Platinum 3CelticWarHeros
“Please Check Below for Mandatory Requirements”


Language: English
Time Zone: All UTZ Welcome
Played time: Very Active, Active
Age Range: 21+(Adults Only)
Elite Account?: Elite/Non Elite All are Welcome
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:
300 Emerald-Obsidian,400 Harbinger-Vangaurd

About: CelticWarHeros Mandatory Requirements
-Events & Quest
-Atlas & Events
{Event’s are 100% Mandatory}
{Quest in Events/Atlas Mandatory!!}
{Event Quest must complete 5 Chest-240points}
{Atlas Events must complete 20k in points}

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