Looking for players FlameSphere peaceful

Hello I am from the team flamesphere! We are looking to replace ALTs with active people like myself! We are quiet, respectful, no dirty jokes, and if you want to help our 20 alliances in Atlas it is optional (like of you’ve reached your checkpoint and want to save troops for next season whatever the case may be) need help with xp runs we got ya. Need help with anything we got ya. We just ask that you log in daily really. Egg missions are key to success on breeding ofc. But anyways we are a great team planning to move up to sapphire so piggyback if you want even. But I think I’ll stay its such a peaceful environment. We place 1st and second in all events and do about 50/50 with the last ember prize and we would love people who just play the game because they love (for the most part haha) the game. Feel like you want a peaceful place to reside where it’s like relaxing on a mountain or beach in pure bliss then please apply! Send our leader a message on team FlameSphere. I have notifications on for this but this is my first time on it so navigation is new to me but I will do my best. Have fun whatever you do and have a fun and wonderful day!

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