Looking for players

We are a active team in Gold 3 looking for active and communicative players to strenghen our team. We have been doing well in events and are currently training up the lower leveled players in our team before heading further up again.

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 3 – HakaiRujin

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Elite Account?: Not needed
Dragon Roster Includes: orange/green +

We are looking for players that dont mind helping less experienced players grow and trained up.further wars and events are a must .
If this feels like you just message me ingame @ HakaiRyu18

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I would see if mozzie would help idk if she will though she enjoying diamond too much

Thanks im advance anyway :grin::metal:

She can’t she going for warrior mythic so she hella busy grinding event

No worries i understand the feeling :sweat_smile:

Well she’s in diamond league with me on my alternate account so she is enjoying the bigger prizes in diamond

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