Looking for saphire atlas home for 2


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What is your level? What tier dragons do you have?



I’m 163 with 2 primarchs taunter lvl3 and trapper lvl 2 and othe player 160 with 2 primarchs as well both lvl 2 a taunter and a trapper. We’re on saphire tear at the moment. We’re in a team where they’ve lost their mojo. We’re very active and ambicios. We know atlas since in cake out only now we moved to a lower level team without it to help out but it’s a lost cause and we need a higher league to help us achieve our goals. I do hope you consider us


We will not have atlas until league change on Tuesday, but if you are interested, we can further this conversation in game, let me know


Sorry about attack


We are a sapphire 3 team with atlas, 4 castles. Looking for a couple of very active players. UPINTHESKY email me BlackDogMama


Can I join your team


What level are you?


My level 175


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