Looking for sapphire 1-2 teams

Looking for English sapphire 1-2 teams invite me please I am active and loyal

@Psarus @ModMat can we get this moved to the recruitment subforum please?

@Lel5691 - what level are you and what dragons do you have? People who are recruiting will want to know this.

Just tell me then tell me the time u can do it lower ur level to 40 and I will apply at the set time

I thought I’m did

High level dragons e.g. Chimerak and gargula

U can move it to the other forum if unwanted

You’re level 40 looking to join a Sapphire team? Good luck with that.

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My suggestion is start in Gold. Even in platinum you will struggle especially during pvp events. Good luck!

Edit: you are also obviously not experienced enough to understand what the question re dragons you are breeding meant. We’re not talking about seasonal divines. We’re talking about what tier dragons you are breeding currently to accurate gauge if you are in the right dragon power level for your base level.


Start from gold/plat.
We can took you to S/D but there will be events points requests which will be very difficult and sometimes impossible to get with your currently lvl(no offense)
Only if you are a big spender and planning to grow to 150 in month…

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Well u know I get quite fare in most events

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In what league? Bronze? Silver? Gold? You will struggle in all pvp events even in plat at your level unless you get lots of help from your teammates. For breed and build your points earn rate is limited also as your buildings cost less to build and your dragons cost less to breed. It is all relative my friend…

I have a plat 4 team if you would like to join have a few new dragon lords ranging upwards from 25 so if level 40… you will be a great fit all we ask is to be active and complete war attacks which are daily atm… message me in game AxeAttack if interested have a lot of experience in helping players learn and grow into very valuable members.

I agree with everyone here. At best a good active sapphire 3 will accept you. At lvl 40 you can’t help any guild in sapphire 2 or 1.
Best look for a great platinum guild and I’m sure there are many guilds in platinum that will give you a great home to get stronger.

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Maybe I think about it

Yes if you are a active level 40 Platinum would be the best place to go and start off there you will gain experience as well as get to know your teammates and their schedule and understand how your team runs their Wars and events

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