Looking for some base advice

While my base layout seems to work well in killing one dragon pretty regularly, unless the attacker is severely leveled above me. I’d like to get some suggestions to improve it. I was thinking of trying to implement fire flaks to replace one of my turrets.

Fire turret 36 Dflak40
Ice 36
Fire 39. Blue 30

Ice 32 Red 28
Storm 30
Blue 30. Ice 28

Dragon tower island is farms with red mage and platinum warrior tarand

Islands before base aren’t for defense, only for strengthening towers unless my Lightning’s get lucky lol they’re only like 27

I put out my base guide yesterday, it may be worth a look through. I am on mobile so linking is terrible, but if you click on my name it should be easy enough to find :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here to help


Not bad, but not good either.

Jumps to my eyes two things:

  • no projectile damage
  • your best tower (dark flak lvl40) is not protected by red mage or storm.

So read and experiment Mech’s guide layout options and you’ll see a huge improvement.

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I moved a fire turret back and swapped it with the storm, then moved the storm to the ice’s location. Swapping in a projectile will be difficult, not sure of the advantage outside of their effectiveness on dragons with elemental barrier.

I will probably be swapping the lower level ice turret eventually, was thinking fire flak but a projectile would help finish lower level necryx’s

Thanks for the direction, it would take a while to reorganize according to the guide and a lot of extra levels

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