Looking for some loyal players

We are a long time team that just went through a really bad merge (surprise) and a few of us came back to our old team to try to save it. We have access to Atlas and have two castles and infrastructure for four more if we can rebuild. Looking for a team that maybe doesn’t have atlas yet and wants it, or maybe wants to join us to make a stronger team. Please contact me MamaLegion in game for info. Please use this formatting for Thread titles:

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How many players are you looking for?

I suggest adding your teams name somewhere in the post so people can look you guys up in game.

Team name?
Minimum level?

Our team name is LegionofGodz. We are currently Plat 4 but will be going down to Gold 1 I’after the next shuffle. We used to be Plat 1 so this has been hard for us but we can rebuild with the right people helping us do that. :blush:

Give me a shout if you need a filler I’ll be happy help where i can. Your team team is looking good.

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