Looking for team, featuring Yours Truly 😏

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 260 KardulPlat 4 to Plat 2-1; Sapphire 3-2

Language: French, English
Time Zone: European with crazy hours, I’m a night owl :sweat_smile:
Played time: more than three years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes, normal elite
Dragon Roster Includes: Ronin, Prospero, Axi
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ferga + Renard

Hello! I’m currently looking for a new team that’s a bit more competitive than my current one (I love my team and wouldn’t completely let them go though). I currently have Atlas and would rather not lose it. If yours had a Dark and/or Ice castle (Ronin dearest needs better gear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) that’d be a blast! :exploding_head:

I am very active in the forum (no kidding :rofl:) and I would like to join a team which is always up to date with the latest announcements and loves to talk about the game (and rant about changes too :smirk:).

I’m currently on the tail end of Icicle 1 path from Red’s breeding path, slightly overleveled due to last Fort (I totally blame the x4 lumber boost and mill glitch for this! I was completely unreasonable in my building but - oh sweet Sigils…).

My base is a short 3x5 near the main island, 45 perch, good (not maxed nor full legendary) defensive gear, kill island capped at 52.

I’m currently training Ronin which is mid-Emerald evolution. I’ll be pushing for Obsidian in the next two seasons and slowing down my leveling to catch up again with my breeding (dreadful “casual” Dragon check-in caught me again! :persevere:). Fortunately I have still time before 300 to get in shape!

Please post your offers or questions below or through PM, ideally with a link to an existing recruitment thread so I can “taste” the feeling of being in your team. The more forum lurkers in it, the better!
Please try to develop your answer a bit and include the name of your team so I don’t have to chase you around for it or guess it :wink:

One last thing : As the next PvP event is going to begin its treasure hunt in about an hour it goes without saying I’m not going to join any team during the event so not before next Tuesday (as it can render long time players ineligible including me, and I need to start the season right as I’m planning to get a Mythic again :heart_eyes:).

Thank you for sticking with me and my novel!

Tl;dr : “rare quality” forum mod looking for team with active forum members to play with.


Sadly, I can’t make you the offer you’re looking for, since mine is just another Plat IV team. But I wish you the best of luck in your search! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not sure if I read your forum post wrong or not, but Hey I figured I might as well post anyway right? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m the recruitment officer for GODSnDRAGONS. We have Dark, and ice castles, we’re about to get a wind and a earth hopefully tonight too so we can cover multiple elements. If you are looking for above Plat IV my apologies. If you’re interested, please feel free to PM me here or in game, or apply and we would be happy to make room for you!


May I recommend. :eyes: We’re actually in Sapphire 3 right now, but we move between Plat I and Sapp 3. We have a few of each element castles and we also have a good handful of active forum members (including a GPF member). We discuss the game and its follies/triumphs regularly, and we have tons of resources to help our members be the best they can be. We talk a lot in TC but we also use Slack to communicate war strategies, atlas plans, or general banter. If you have questions I would suggest you direct them @Morreion . :grin:


Come to Zen to have fun bud (post :point_up_2: by @wolf)


Who wouldn’t want to be Zen? :grin::hugs:

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VendexEmpire has an open position if you score enough to meat team sigil goal.

We are SAPH II. We normally get team sigils prize for events. Lots of tokens and other benefits. Normally place top 50 for global atlas events. Top 5 for regular events. Have line app. Strong alliance. Please contact Dragonblood in game if interested.


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Just to hotlink DB :smile:
Coffee and cookies at serve :tipping_hand_woman:
Harv will serve bacon on weekend if you’d like.

Castles for all elements and good bonuses, dark included :sunglasses:

I think we talk quite a lot about the game :crazy_face:
Maybe not many active forum members on the team, but I am definitely here, and heck I’m here a lot.
They have LINE too, except me though :sweat_smile:

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It would be absolutely amazing to have you on our team. We are pretty competitive, especially in atlas.

I’m sure you’ve seen my name around the forums. As well as our leader, @Zikiru and the delicious @BadCookies.

Feel free to PM me or Z if you wanna chat and get to know us better.


Come join BackDownNever for we have laughs, chats, and lots of deaths… from our enemies of course as we crush them! We have plenty of castles of each element ín Atlas and are quite competitive. There’s plenty of banter whenever someone’s bored and cracking jokes in LINE and TC. We are currently residing in Platinum 2 but will be making our back up to Platinum 1 and hopefully sapphire 3 soon.

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Just a heads up. I’m still looking for the right team, so if any of you got a spot available please shoot me a message or comment :grin:

(I’m sorry for being picky lol. It’s just that a team means more for me than just teamwork, I take it very seriously and I’m not comfortable joining a team without at least familiar names :sweat_smile:)

Ooo cat lover! Come to us!

check darkwinds in game buddy for more info pm me there of recruiting officer



Sounds like teams are sad they didn’t get you :joy::joy:


It’s my fault for being too damn picky… But honestly I don’t see why they should be sad yet, I still haven’t found any team 🤷 (aka not changed team yet)

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We may have a spot or 2 open after the event. Granted we are only P3 (I think, I honestly don’t pay attention anymore).

Check us out, i776.

Sent a pm. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: This is a once in a lifetime chance, I’m gonna try! :rofl:

Check out theelitefamily we have castles in every element and very active
As well in s2/1
Message officer lorinator to have more details