Looking for team, featuring Yours Truly 😏

Sounds like teams are sad they didn’t get you :joy::joy:


It’s my fault for being too damn picky… But honestly I don’t see why they should be sad yet, I still haven’t found any team 🤷 (aka not changed team yet)

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We may have a spot or 2 open after the event. Granted we are only P3 (I think, I honestly don’t pay attention anymore).

Check us out, i776.

Sent a pm. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: This is a once in a lifetime chance, I’m gonna try! :rofl:

Check out theelitefamily we have castles in every element and very active
As well in s2/1
Message officer lorinator to have more details

Here goes. Currently in Plat 3 and definitely more forum lurker than active poster but assuming you have yet to find a team perhaps check out the link below.

Dragonriders60 is in plat 3 and we are always looking for more competitive and chatty people… If you are still looking for a new team.

Apologies for not replying sooner, I currently have found a team. Thank you for your participation :blush:

l’ll ask the moderators to close this thread… Oh snap! I’m a moderator :joy:

See you later and please, behave :grin:


Closed by Yours Truly request :laughing:

Hi everyone! It is Yours Truly! :smirk:

I’m looking for a team again :hugs:! Please check my updated post above!

Thank you for your attention! :eyes:

Geez why don’t ya just tag me. :rofl:


I’m a active forum member! I also have namaka :grin: lowly plat 4 team tho :disappointed_relieved: PeritusDraconi
Took over the team about a month and a half ago, it was in gold 2, now it’s plat 4 so we are rising :grin: we have atlas, and 2 castles so far… Bah who an I kidding :joy: I’m not going to catch you! Wish I could tho! :yellow_heart:


I would LOVE to come visit your castles :smiling_imp:

YOU Were already invited and refused my invite! :sob:

Boo the bad naughty members! Getting off-topic in my recruitment thread?!? :rofl:

Just kidding :grin: Don’t abuse it though :eyes::laughing:

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Hey now :sweat_smile: I’m not bad!


I meant it for actual problem trolls, not pranksters or mischievous trolls :hugs:


Have a peek at ZenWarriors Kardul, I think we’re pretty much exactly in the place you’re looking for. S3 with occasional S2 excursions, and punching well above our class in Atlas. No big guy to hide behind but everyone pulling their weight and growing with the team.

Recruitment post is a bit antique, but I think it’s still mostly accurate (except for the being full up bit) :grin:


@Kardul I second Morreion. We’re pretty awesome, and we’d be happy to have you! We are a team of crazies, each with our own talents which makes the team stronger. We’re international, competitive in events, atlas, and always punching above our weight. Our fearless leader isn’t too crazy on rules and minimums are easily attainable. Our goal is to kick ass, but in a Zen fashion. :yin_yang: Message ZenJJ or any of our officers in game.

-P.S. Our team intro should tell you a bit of what it’s like to be Zen. :grin::hugs::kissing_heart:

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