Looking for team, featuring Yours Truly 😏

I can’t recruit you because we’re full and don’t meet your expectations yet (no T3 ;A;) but, out of pure curiosity: How do you differentiate big bad trolls from the big good trolls?

and how do u feel about smol trolls?

Big bad trolls are rude, selfish, disruptive, mean, disrespectful and harasses the two little hatchlings trying to make a hut made of hay or lumber. They usually have an unhappy relationship with any form of authorities.

Big good trolls are fun, sassy, a bit quirky, like light banter but only if it doesn’t hurt others. They know the limits even though they test it sometimes but they are receptive to comments and are able to grow. They are the cool hatchling dude who built the brick hut and ends up roasting the big bad bully with the help of a dragon friend.

Smol trolls are good trolls, just quieter and maybe a bit low key I suppose. They don’t flaunt it they are just trolls within :hugs:

I can’t speak of the big bad trolls but I know a big good troll who is a regular in this very thread :smirk::eyes:



Too lazy to link an old thread, but SkyGodz does need another player.
S3, 17 castles-mostly a mix of T3/T2 but with a T4 access and access T3.
Roughly 1400 egg tokens a day from castles alone, and 500 more from being in S3.
Have a few forum users there, GlibCrest, Mr. BellyFlop (me), and some lurkers.
250K troop minimum-but judging by the fact I’m still here it is okay if you’re a little off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Plenty of atlas shenanigans, T3 CG swaps every minor event.
8/8, 10/10 always, don’t think there’s anything else to brag about so I’ll retreat back to my cave with :chunk:


Aw, I looked, really hoping you had an account there named MrBellyFlop.

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Changing my alts name, brb
Update: Its name is now “MrBellyFlop


I want you! My team is recently impassioned and we really want quality members that want to do well and have some fun along the way to truly grow with us! I believe in my team! We value one another and it’s truly a joy getting to play alongside them every day! We can be very silly and also very dorky in discussing new game changes just as you’ve mentioned in your OP.

Gonna shoot you straight-- I’m not good with the code here, but I’m trying to learn! So I’m just using the old-fashioned C&P! :grin::joy:

Language: English
Time Zone: Any, we like all people
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: We got you, boo. Unnecessary; but you do you!
Dragon Roster Includes: Something you love and can fly like no one’s business!
Level: 400+ (base needs to be solid or willing to merge/transform to make it lethal!)

HockeyRules is in need of a couple players to replace some that are leaving the game due to real life.
Looking for:
–Fierce PVP competitors :smiling_imp:
–Atlas Geniuses :nerd_face::notes:(or wanting to learn)

If you’re:
:seedling:Ready to grow like a weed (or smoke some)
:butterfly:Wanting to push limits
:unicorn:Witty; you’ve got a sense of humor to die for

WE WANT YOU! :heart_eyes: Bad! :smirk:
Reach out to me! :blue_heart:
LINE: mej5023

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ChunkRules, HockeySucks
(joke, obviously. Take it as such. But for OP, we still need a player as far as I’m concerned. We’ve had a few people apply but they’re smaller than we’d like so you definitely have a chance here)

Heh, new record, two years without looking for a team! :partying_face: Well on the forums at least…

Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances I have to look for another team. I updated the original post with current informations.

I’m looking for a high plat/low sapph team that can guarantee 8/8 achievements in event and not too demanding with atlas glory hunting because Atlas doesn’t motivate me much, never really did.

Also looking for people who are familiar with the Forgotten Realms series because I wanna talk about the most charismatic drow and his pet… I feel lonely in my quiet geeking… Doesn’t have to be within a team I’d join. Friendship hidden ad lol


Join PeritusDraconi! :hugs::hugs:


100% disclosure. Not familiar with Forgotten Realm. But public displays of geeking are always encouraged.

Some of us on our team are much more avid at checking the forums than others but between the lot of us, we keep each other informed. We have LINE chats dedicated to game learning RE: Atlas and “Main Game”. I don’t think any of the Seasars are trolls here in forum - land.

PM me for more specifics if this sounds like we may suit you. :slight_smile:


Sorry, a bit too late, I already joined a team.

Thank you for your attention, I’ll keep that in mind if my new team ends up bullying me :smiling_imp: