Looking for team for meh

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LFT – `level 62 currently have no team just started gold tier.


Language: english
Time Zone:OCE
Played time:2 years
Age Range: IDC
Elite Account?:no elite
Dragon Roster Includes: seasonal divines
Highest Lineage Dragon: some gold dragon

About: i hope i can find a team pref gold1 plat 4.

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You may consider us: Pyromancers (Plat 4). We have players from all over the world and many have just started. Apply even when we are full.

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My team arvidia (gold I) can take you into our Arvidian family and help you grow and master the game. : )
We have many players with different experiences. There is always someone to help due to time zones.
If you’re interested please message me here in forums or one of the officers.

Check out SilverDRC

TheSeekers, has atlas and a lot of good experienced players alts there passing on their know how and helping show newer players the ins and outs of atlas and workings of the game, give it a shot :ok_hand:

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