Looking for Team. Lvl 376 looking for a

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LFT – 376 xKaix96xCurrently Sapp 2 to Sapp 3 or Plat 1


Language: English and Korean
Time Zone: Mixed. (I don’t really mind playing in any time zone)
Played time: 2 years (explain my broken base) Build up not out came in too late
Age Range: I’m 23 so censoring ain’t my specialty LOL
Elite Account?: YUP
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Surt, Neptus, Huitzil, Ember and lastly my fav keth
Highest Lineage Dragon: Harb for season dragon. Vanguard for breeding.

Been Playing this game since Kaiju was the OP dragon (not long tho).
Was in a team that I called home .
Stop playing for a 5 month period,
Came back and join back my team and now it’s disbanding because of real life issue that the leader is facing and I understand her pain so I am not gonna pursue with any issue of that.

I never miss wars or events if I were to not able to participate at all (holiday) I would inform instead of going missing. Would love to find a team that have atlas and is drama free or low :slight_smile:
Sapp 3 or Plat 1 is where I would want although I am always participating in events, I would not be able to delicate my whole life in a game to the extend it’s 15 hrs lol.

Hey YuShin,

Have a look at ZenWarriors. We’re a pretty drama-free social team with a very solid atlas presence, and players around the globe.

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My team is a P2 team; but we won’t lose to a P1 one in terms of activity :wink: We just won’t be moving up until we’re sure we can get the 1.2k sigil prize every time- and when we do, we’re going straight to S3. We’re not that picky about activity; so long as you mesh well with the team, we’re good :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, please do take a look at my team’s LFM, and please do pm me if you’re curious about us!


Message kitty on powerful pookas sap2-1

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Hey there!

Check out EmberzRising. We’ve been moving some alts around and have room at the moment!

We are a fun, chatty atlas team from all over the globe!
Super supportive, but expect “very active” status from our teammates.

Message Bitzhal or myself if you have questions! :slight_smile:

Happy hunting!!

Check out last rebellion email a officer can see if it’s a good fit it’s a s2 team

Check us out at WorldOfFlames. We have a good atlas standing and always place top three in events. Message me, LadyJeatta.

Check my team out, DivineDestiny, an older team (created in 2016) so we are all experienced with the game, we are in Plat 1, have atlas. Im sure the team would welcome you in. Message seminoles (officer in team) if you’re interested in joining us. Tell them “cobra” sent you. If not good luck with finding a new team

Hi @xYuShinx

SandSlingers - We are only Platinum 2 but we are moving up and the team is all on board. We are a no nonsense team, but love to have fun. Atlas and elements in all categories. Not a lot of rules. Participate in events, and be there for wars if you cant be there communicate!

We are looking to move up and looking for fun, active team members looking for a place. We have team members from all over the world. We are active in Atlas and do well in wars. Contact Dave051 in game or the Lead @Zikiru

If you want to chat before you join to get to know us let one of us know. We would love to have you.


Feel free to contact me.
연락 주세요.

In-game: Machupicch9995

You probably already might have found a new time but in case you are still looking for a new home I want to encourage you to have a look at TheDelusionals.

In case you are interested feel free to message me or xhelx our recruitment officer.

We are a laid back Sap 3 team and just had a first excursion to Sap 2 and soon will return there.We are a global team with focus on US and several players from Asia and Europe like myself. We are tier one member in a strong alliance and line is obligatory.


Sent PM

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