Looking for team, very active player

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Language: english
Time Zone: UK
Played time: in total, since necroth was here.
Age Range: 14
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Equestor and Chim on alt and Zam, Avyx, spindra on main
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ettin and Yersinu

About: Looking for a team in platinum 2 upwards for my two accounts. PM for details

We would love to have you on NightsKings! Contact me Chuckopotamus. I am an officer and can invite you.

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Hey if you’d like a to join a guild that feels like you’ve always been there and act like a family check out the guild I’m with Excessive Force. We are super active always in top 15 in comps. And nothing but usual expected wars, no zeros in comps. But u need supplies ask and they’re yours in 20 min and all officers including myself help all lower guys to lvl up dragons and give great base building advice. Hope you join.
WB. p.s Excessive Force in case I didn’t put in

TGCArmy2 is looking for dedicated active players that like to chat and have fun.

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