Looking for team who is not affilaliated with any alliance

590 Maxed dragons active in Atlas, ( don’t want it to be my life, don’t want continuously lose troops)

I have been in Diamond, burnt out need team to chill on but would like activity, Criteria not affiliated with alliance, active in all events, I do all maximum, I want chill, open bank, and active atlas

If you have a spot let me know and we can go from there. I am looking for fun not stress, I have full time job, farm andlife


Check DarkWinds they do their own shenanigans

U can join us whitenoise7

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Blackflaggers :pirate_flag:

Check us out - MadTeaParty :pirate_flag:


You may find what you are looking for with us. We have a pirate 5ta and that is it.

For as free bank, unsure what you mean. We have free gold in pvp events that gets distributed to those who need it. All other weeks, bank works just like a real one where you get what you put in.

If you are interested, message me in game. Or if you wanna talk more, we could have a Line conversation as well. Just let me know, good luck in finding the right team for you.

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Hey try EndofDaysPlay

We are in platinum 1.
We reach 8/8 everytime.
If open bank means access then its possible.but you can only withdraw what you deposit.
We aren’t super active in atlas but I am as active as one player can be hahaha.
We do not have any mega alliance.just our little ta.
3 no hits only.
You can attack everyone but make sure to be there during retaliation.lols.
Everyone has work but still tries hard to be active.

If you do not think you are suited for us then you can freely move on the next week.hahahaha

People posting teams and all. Make sure what OP is looking for :). Ya’ll fake pirates don’t count.


Although being Pirate seems intriguing more looking for a team that can bring the fun back to the game for me and I can help. But don’t want a team on either alliance, just an independent team that is active, chats and plays and has fun together.

I would prefer a team with that at least has a few castles likes to venture out and try to play in atlas and enjoys their fun.

And someone ask about open bank it means I want a team that allows all members bank access.

@Eff as much as I love the perks in Diamond I don’t want the stress of it for awhile. I need time to cool down and learn to enjoy the game again. Thanks for the invite. And I am not into Pirate teams.

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Hi @Cybele - RunningNaked is a non-alliance P3 team.
We are on the casual side of competitive-casual and have a core of friendly and mature players, team name notwithstanding. We have several former Sapphire/Diamond players that now call us home, and they enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere, not being on call 24/7, and having MUCH more freedom in atlas. We have 3 castles, and several active atlas players, although it is not a team requirement. We score 8/8 in fort and 5/8 on the other events. Our team’s recruiting thread has more info about us and can be found here.
Please feel free to DM me or any of the officers if you would like to learn more about us.

Thanks for taking the time to consider us and happy flying!

Aww, we don’t talk much in team chat. :sob: Though you will have hard time catching up the minute you take a break from the 3rd party chat app we use. :joy:

TheGapFillers are rebuilding :face_in_clouds: we’re currently recruiting from Gold3

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