Looking for team

my game inbox has a lot of mail now .I also have line .my line id is cursed_1

Sent you an in game mail.

I’m in coldbrewcrew…but if you want in - message an officer. ( Plat 1 )

DarkChoices is looking for players who really want to progress in this game. We have Atlas as well so expect extra timers, loot, and riders if you so choose to join!

Just hut the Apply button and I’ll accept you in asap!

Check out the wolfsbrothers. We are a growing family with a strong active core.
We are curently recruiting to move to platinum league.
We would be happy to have u.

Are you wanting Atlas or no. It is very demanding. I left my Sapphire 1 team as I don’t like it. I started a training team, BladesOfRage, recruiting now. We will not go into Atlas levels, just train players.

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