Looking for team1

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 303 GidLFT s1 d2 . Gets team achievements .


Language: eng
Time Zone: playig mostly EST, but in gmt+8
Played time: 2 y
Age Range: 20+
Elite Account?: both
Dragon Roster Includes: pathox huitzil
Highest Lineage Dragon: harb


Competitive enough to compete in d2.
Lotsa rss To score above average in events. Always gets team min reqmnt.
Boosting babes in team.

Silver primarchs; sieger exp enough for lvl 20. 700-900m def boosted havent checked again.

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NightofKnives would love to have you

TuathaDeArnord would be honored to have you!

War Enforcers has room if you’d like to join! We bounce back and forth between S1 and S2. Top 5 in all events

Check out AngryDemons S3/S2 team. Feel free to message me here or in game with questions.

Come to LethalForce, we would love to have you. I’m sure you would be happy here, great people and lots of fun. The 2nd l is a capital i .


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