Looking for USAHD2’s main

Please help us. :pray:t3: Anyone know USAHD2’s main account? Please ask him to log in … his activity has gone “Inactive”. The game will remove him from leader of XPfarmsLooseX1 and we don’t know who it’ll promote as leader.


Are you out of contact with him? No LINE? I love that your xp Bases and wont want a random person to be promoted.

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Perhaps the next leader will be the one with the most medal.

Or probably you can ask Arelyna, at least for her to take the leader position (if possible)

I don’t want the leader pos is given to random person either (since I like and depends on your team a lot)

I’m guessing alleviates would be the next as she’s the most active in the team. Maybe?

My experience is that it promotes based solely on the most active member. I lost my mini alliance to some random dude that way.

(You would think officers would be next, but nope. Leader goes missing and the alliance is up for grabs)

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By promoting USAHD2 again aftern he was demoted will avoid for him to be kicked out. It had been like that 2 years ago. I do not know if PG had change it recently.

leader will be the one who is the most active.

Even if they are marked as Very Active, if your statistic is low, the other one would most likely take the position.

That is his main. He took over for me when I went inactive (I was once LoseOneSon). I became leader the same way he did. I was the most active and when the previous leader got auto kicked it gave it to me. He’s been there longer than most. Look at your most active player and odds are they’re the new boss.

It isn’t so anymore. He has a higher level account that he brought on shortly after the game started the weekly shuffles. Allie has the most active rating right now so it would be her if really is going with the most active member.

My friend had lost his team last year, it didn’t pick by the most active member but the newest member. :confused:

We can only hope Allie gets it. Otherwise we may need PG to intervene which I hope they’ll make an exception for this team.

What we really need is for the max xp values to change so we don’t need to mindlessly fly the same base for hours in order to lvl up our drags.

It will only promote one of the officers. So just demote all the officers temporarily except the one you want promoted.

Apparently that’s not true. Whole team is available for auto selection.

Well that’s dumb. I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised by dumb things in this game anymore…

The only time ive ever actually seen this happen one of the officers was promoted. But maybe that was luck of the draw.

plus only leader can demote officers :frowning_face:

I saw a random officer being promoted but that may be luck by chance

Officers can promote officers but they can’t demote.

Yup it would be just a coincidence in your particular situation. It definitely goes by the most active member of the team, but not sure what the timeframe for most active is judged. Whether it’s the most active in the past 24hrs, 48hrs, week, etc i’m not sure

My observations so far support that there are simply activity points which are added based on weighted activity, and subtracted at regular intervals (probably daily) and that the difference between active and very active is just having enough points. Very active I do not believe has a max, so an extremely active account could take a long time to drop down into active status, which someone who just crossed over could fall quickly and easily.

I could be way off though.

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