Looking to become more atlas active

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LFT – 368 oOoR34P3RoOo – `any league

Time Zone:est
Played time:since start
Age Range: 30s
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:gig Gunnar
Highest Lineage Dragon:vanguard no mythic

About: looking for active atlas team. Trying to learn more about atlas. Normally score 7/8 on team prizes. Some events I can push higher if needed. Very active.

Check us out I776. P3 6 castles

First letter is an i not 1

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IrishDragons- Saph 3 is looking to replace a couple players at end of event message me in game if interested. Always helpful team willing to help learn more about Atlas

Heck is out hive queen we got the space just apply no drama please

We are P2 we help you learn Atlas in and out.We have room can bring you now before event start.
Message me in game.

AlbertaUnbound great place to learn atlas easy to follow videos available in line chat p2 established core solid main game team

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