Looking to contact a player named Secrose

He used to be a Diamond player. His account by the exact name “Secrose” is currently level 36 without a team, so I do not have a quick way to contact him. I know he has some higher level alts. He helped us for a while with an alt which was some variation of “Secrose”, but I don’t remember exactly.

If you remember him, and/or have a quick way to contact him, please let me know. If you prefer to keep it discreet and protect him from random stalkers like me, fine, please just let him know I would like to follow up with him on some Atlas alliance advice he offered before. Thanks in advance!

or he went inactive lol changed name there is no way to find that person i mean u make go on facebook for war dragons plenty around you might be able to find

Ask prince or else, maybe they will help. Ill answer if i can

i cant help haha im in gold and know no one lol

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use WDscripts.com

try change normal letters for a number where it can be due.
you’ll find him.

or check on SkyGladiators…
you’ll find him.


Yep, thank you, just found him there!

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