Looking to join a new team

Hello I am silver. I am currently level 40 and I’m looking for an active team preferably silver up. I also have a second account looking for a team aswell Catninja007 which is also level 40. I am an active person and I know quite a bit about the game and I’m willing to help people.

Good morning!

I’ve sent you an in-game mail; NagaWarriors would love to have you! I will try to contact an officer to send you an invitation for you and your alt.

Hope to see you soon!

Okay thank you

Invitations have been sent :grin:

Did you find a new team? We are in gold2 and looking for committed players.

No but I made a team which I’m hoping to get up to gold,

We tried that, it sucks! All bronze teams mostly only have one player. We sent out a gazillion invites, nothing and one of our players was a level 301! So we got tired of solo team player teams and merged with another team. Check out RoyalGuardians if you get lonely and want action. Good luck.

Skies Of Fire is looking for players if interested. We are a platinum 4team, very active.

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