Looking to join a team with Atlas

To All Our fellow War Lords,

I am a Level 80 Officer of our team, busy breeding Gold Tier dragons and my Husband is a level 53, busy breeding Green Tier dragons.

It is with regret that we are looking at leaving our team as we have formed super relationships and comradery among our team members, but unfortunately we are struggling to grow as players and we find it quite disappointing when out of a team of 44 only 10 (on average) will participate seriously in events.

We are only looking for teams with Atlas, that enjoy a good battle, are serious about the game, but love having fun while fighting it out with fellow War Lords.

Looking forward to hearing from you…

Ravenclawclan might be a good fit for you! We are gold 1 and very active in events and wars. No Atlas but we have cookies :eyes::cookie:

Finding an atlas team at those levels will be a challenge. Atlas offers significant advantages but comes with significant work too .

Might be best to find a more active team in the interim.

Try this team. Their leader is awesome :+1:t3:


I second Ghosteam.

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Yep, we’re recruiting. Feel free to apply :grin:
Thanks @Sam, @Daedalus


I’ve sent you a message in game. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks Aracroft,

I replied to your message😁

We still have to decide, having received so many invites… Gosh for our levels, it is overwhelming :grin:

Please take care,

We will let you know ASAP…

Not sure if your still looking for a team but my team has atlas and is in platinum iii. We have a couple alts that need replacement. We dont care about levels although higher is better but we know on our team you will grow fast if you put effort in with our help. If you or anyone interested message me ladykelly in the game or better yet just apply:) preferably before temple raid starts. I like you to be able to participate.

Thanks so much for the invite, we have managed to find a team :grin:

Dear all,

thanks for the invites… we have found a team which we have subsequently joined.

I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield someday😁