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LFM – gold 2 – DragonsofstormlvlRequirement

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About:Hey all we have a really great tram with some really strong players there are about 29 on the team currently were looking to merge with a team were very active and always help each other out. If you have a smaller team and wanna merge to make a great full team let me know. Thanks happy flying

We have room for 10 ppl if y’all guys wanna join let me know in Gold 1 and cut all ppl that had zero participation. Look us up FireOfAkatosh

LFM – Gold IV– HellsKnights – Level Requirement: level 10+

We’re a fairly new team that has advanced to Gold IV. We’re looking for very active members to help us grow into Diamond. We have room for very active players who like to play; war and event participation required. Would be terrific to have the expertise of seasoned players - with room for advancement.

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