Looking to take over team with Atlas

Im starting to feel the need for a new challenge and would like to take over a team with Atlas who are struggling or need to rebuild.

Im a lvl 486 with long experience in the game and feel free to contact me if you have a team like this that you want to deliver to safe hands.


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Instead of taking over maybe join an atlas team and help them…or mentor them from the inside.

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Thx for the input but I already is in an Atlas team and need a different challenge I guess. Want to build something good and get the right people to help on that.

That mens not just helping fresh players but build a team with active and decent players who dont want to go for the highest leagues.

But if an interesting team comes up with something fun Ill consider it of course :slight_smile:

How about starting over fresh and work ur way up and get atlas on ur own. That would be a challenge for u.


Considering that as well but Atlas is a must to grow for me and improve prims and gear. So not the best option since I still want to strengthen

What happens if you fail?


Sometimes there are not so active teams in bronze with atlas…maybe look there? I was offered a spot once on a 3 person atlas team in bronze, not sure what happened to them. Or there are always atlas teams in Gold I and considering your level, maybe you could land an officer position?
As far as atlas, if you leave an atlas team, and then make a different team, doesn’t that atlas access carry into your guild? Or at least, that is what I was told so someone please correct me if I am wrong.


Give it 2 weeks (i.e. shuffle). Wait for teams to rage quit, merge and consolidate assets.

You should have plenty options to choose from :partying_face:


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:
What’s your definition of interesting?


…Do you want to start another pirate team?

But at least he/she would have tried; and that’s what’s important :slight_smile:

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Easier said than done
Did you see many enthusiastic platinum and gold teams have trouble filling up the team with active players?
You would be lucky to find half the team is active in atlas
So what makes you think these teams are less committed and capable?


you still have primarchs to level up? dang, dude. i envy you.


Im still far from strong and its quite fun to improve in every aspect. :slight_smile:

And I have a nice team with a few good and active players but from time to time one get tired of people not pulling their weight and players who are active and nice but in a higher division than they should.

Guess thats why Im considering to make a team where all think the same and all know whats expected without things being as demanding as in the top divisions :slight_smile:

Very good points and there is no guarantee whats so ever that I will succeed but one never knows before one tries.

I have seen and felt how it can be in higher divisions and my goal is to take that knowledge to for instance plat and find people who want the same :grin:

pleeaaaaase no more new teams … the WD team to player ratio and so bad right now our current teams have no one to recruit! If anything, we need LESS teams.


I feel like you have very unrealistic views about team building - I don’t like being a downer, but building a team isn’t as easy as you’re making it out to be.

I did the team building thing before, and we succeeded ONLY because we knew plenty of people and had high level friends all over that were gonna join to start it up with us. We battled through the leagues and people wanted to join us because they saw how strong we were - and in Atlas, we were able to start off right away with castles and an alliance due to our connections.

Even with all those perks, it wasn’t easy building the team.

Knowledge is great and everything, but it’s nowhere near enough. If you want to try to build a team regardless, have at it - but I personally view team building as a bit of a waste of time, especially with the difficulty recruiting when there’s plenty of more established teams out there that will be happy to recruit. Makes far more sense for me for people to go to existing teams than start new ones and exacerbate the recruiting issue, but each to their own.

Just wanted to give you a personal experience to help you have more realistic expectations :slight_smile: And as a side note, I was also officer on teams that weren’t (and didn’t) go anywhere - and I really think that’s due to lack of connections. All of this was also years ago, but still.


Its a really good input and you are totally right. No guarantees here but have done this before in a team that is good and know that the probability for success isnt to big.

And my aim is more or less to build a strong team for plat where its possible to play enough to do well but not so much that the game requires to much.

And havent found a possible takeover either (have looked for a while before posting here) so guess I will find another solution :slight_smile:

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And not sure what you mean by taking over but our team is in process of rebuilding and looking for leadership. Team is Hexlords and we have Atlas and at the moment a castle.

This is a be careful what you wish for scenario, Speaking from experience, the team I currently lead I took over at the beginning of last season, this was after one leader left the game and the leader he left in charge then moved on to a higher league team, due to several players doing the same, and a failed merge attempt, the team was close to disbanding, low activity and people frustrated, not that dissimilar of a place as picking up a failing team like you are looking for.

Recruiting is relentless and extremely frustrating, hanging onto the players you have is a challange in itself, taking on inexperienced players which we had to, meant so much time teaching them how to achieve the 8/8 in the most time and rss conservative ways, as well as teaching them all atlas as these players where mostly pulled from non atlas teams. It is a huge undertaking and not to be underestimated, you will have two very different levels of player on the team, those gettin adjusted and those that still want to push to where the team once was, getting the balance right to hold onto those players that have remained loyal for so long, its stressful and a constant struggle and headache.

Like recruiting and all I know never stops, but when you are trying to do it cause the faith of your team is on a knife edge, believe me it ain’t much fun.

That being said, turn the corner and get that team to a place you are happy with, yes it is rewarding, and the challenge for the right type of person can be enough to push them to keep trying despite set back after set back.

But it is also worth saying, doing as you plan with your main will mean your main will suffer greatly, now if you where to do this with an alt account I would say, yeah go for it why not, you got nothing to lose really, but with your main can you go a season on a team you are building without the 8/8, with low daily tokens etc, your account will suffer too, so be sure this is a road you want to venture


Agreed must have a contingency plan

Hi all, it wasnt a takeover this time but thanks for all the good input in this thread - appreciate it :slight_smile: