Looks good PG, nice job


Going to play around some but this is promising.


Took a while … but they’re finally here. I’m mostly relieved that they’re back up before our next app update, but I’m also pretty happy that they’re much snappier than our old forums and we were able to hook it up to our in-game accounts (and make it easy for people to check out the forums from inside the game itself!). I finally gave up on the third-party who we paid to set them up and did it myself tonight … so apologies that they aren’t terribly War Dragons themed yet … but we’ll bring in some of our artists’ beautiful work soon :smile:!


Thank you. I was really tired of looking at the same thread.


Promote this man! Double his Christmas bonus :grin:


Yes give @PGDave a freaking raise!!!

Question for those of us with multiple accounts (like me) - will we be able to link them all to one forum account?


Do we really have to do that all stuff and get all those badges ? :sweat_smile:
PS : I got my emoji badge :slightly_smiling_face:


OMG Crankypants! WD Addicts has this thread for funny and awesome names and I put you on it! I am a proponent of crankypants, crazypants, sleepypants, I use ‘em all.

Thanks for making me laugh.


@PGDave vBulletin is old and doesn’t play well with others. I had no doubt there’d be complications. A lot of agencies say they can do it no problem, but that ends up not being the case 9/10 times. Good on you for taking matters into your own hands. Nice clean interface and a nice fresh start.

Quick question: I know this is a multi-platform job, but just wondering if the browser-based forums will be accessible at any point, or will this be exclusively iOS/Android/in-game accessible for now?



It seems to be a bit more difficult to discern between different replies/comments. Is there a way to accentuate the border around them? I suppose we will get used to it, though. Maybe it’s just because it is different.
I like the background, that’s a nice touch.

As another user mentioned in a different post, a “back”button, at least, would be nice.

Still, glad it’s up and running, and look8mg forward to seeing it get better…


Seems so much more responsive and definitely better laid out. Categories, need or not? We will see.

Good work


@TheRedDelilah You won’t be able to link them I’m afraid. But you can login to your preferred forum account in a browser, so you can access it from any device (mobile or otherwise). You’ll just need to use your Pocket ID Email and password to login. (On the plus side, if you access it from the OS browser you can try out portrait mode which might be nice on phones. Personally I’m replying primarily from my computer … because a keyboard is great :stuck_out_tongue:).


You can use the browser-based forums right now! I am able to use it for both my admin and regular account, so I expect it’ll work for you too. Just point your favorite browser (mobile or otherwise) to wardragons.trydiscourse.com (the silly URL will be updated in a bit).


Is there an iOS app :thinking:


Thanks @PGDave - doesn’t work for me yet for either Pocket ID account, but I suspect it will eventually. Doesn’t give me any error messages, just doesn’t complete the sign-in process. I can still read, though, and the forum looks as good in the browser on my monster monitor as it does on mobile. Nice!


Hi @PGDave same ussue (this is Morph’s alt) tried several different browsers and don’t get an error message just does not sign either Pocket ID account in and when it prompts to register a new acct goes to same signin screen so no way to create acct just fyi I know this is low priority thnx


@PGDave great work. Nice to see this finally up and running


Dave walked me through it yesterday; you need to use the email address linked to your game and the password linked to the game. I had forgotten my password so had to reset it. Once that was done, I was able to log into the forums. Of course, then I had to enter my new password on my ipad to open the game after the password reset…


Hi John this is Morphicus’s alt acct can’t post from morph since yesterday says wait. anyway I’ve sent a ticket since I know both pocket id accts info and we will see what happens from here


PG support in its fast response is reporting other players having same issue during transition and to wait to try to access for 24-48 hours and try again at that time.

So, if anyone else is having the same issue with the browser version of the forum, please just be patient and we’ll try again tomorrow or Friday.


Lol, me too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: