Loosing chest in battle

I count three chest during battle pluse one at end when finished go to armory and it gives you three chest instead of four ???

Was one of those a silver chest? If so, that’s as it should be. You can’t see your silver chests this event because the runic chests have temporarily replaced them.

So, I dunno about anyone else, but with my battle results chest, it doesn’t usually show until after I close out the event window and reload it. I have to go back to my base screen or return from another attack, then the game recognizes the chest. It’s something I noticed a while ago, it may have something to do with how PG has chest registry set

When you are done with an event attack it will show a chest picture and then under it how many you got during the run (it would say *3)I dont have the right multiplication symbol on my phone, but its the other one)) Maybe you only got 3 but though you got 4 because of the run recap screen?

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