Looting lumber in winter season fort event

before i get a bunch of replies that people are dumbing, using up lumber. ive hit multiple bases all different amounts of lumber and come up with nothing. if i join someone same happens to them and i some how get a little bit. something has to be up. when i say multiple bases im talking well over 30. anyone else?


That’s normal. Usually the RSS you see might not be true due to RSS protection, others raiding base already or they dump/spend rss

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im talking about loot in the 75k down to 1k i come back with 0. also i thought of what if someone else was looting them. as time went by i noticed its not possible the odds of someone hitting same base 30 times ok say 25 ppl on a list i switch threw until i see a base so its not just first that shows up it has 6k lumber ok attack come back with 78 lumber attack another has 13k come back with 0 so on and so on hit someone with 75k come back with 0 hit another person 4k get 128. put in the number of players online okay roughly 200k nice round number probably over estimating but it doesnt matter probably 1mill accounts world wide ok so we take out of the 1mill bases i can attack the more then 30 bases in an hour someone dumbed some looted before me or the numbers are wrong… out of a million bases id hit 30+ bases and come up with less then 11k lumber then i hit a base mu lvl 143 leader joins and i some how finally get lumber but im sharing it… also the whole time he has been playing today with everyone else joining him stacking up lumber i join him and he leaves with 0. if its possible im amazed that the numbers are stacked against us so badly that people cant loot or gather enough lumber to even reach a point margin. their needs to be another way to get loot besides mills and attacking durning this event if this is what it comes to

Make sure to check if the people are online, offline better chance of getting the wood

Some bases have protection boost, it shows an amount you can steal in matchmaking but that includes the amount protected… so may not all be able to be taken

i just hit a for sure offline person received loot shown ill check more offten but still think something needs to be added for more lumber durning fort event.

Also have to remember that the servers don’t always show online as online, especially during high activity periods, such as fort events…

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During fort event, most of my hits return with 0 lumber, regardless of how high the possible amount shown is. I would say about 9 out of 10 at its worst.

They normally increase the production of mills… if I remember correctly

More production= more wood
But it is a struggle
Would be nice to have a lot bigger protection
Max storage holds 1.7m wood
With wood boost you can only protect about 500k

The usual culprit is the production boost bug. It adds extra protection to storage but the matchmaking page doesn’t account for this. This account for instance can protect almost 400k with a production boost but other players will see what they would get if the protected amount was only the normal 140k. That translates to as much as 80k appearing lootable when none of it actually is


Pro tip: (ok maybe not pro but these all work for me! :joy:)

Attack bases with same or very similar amount of wood and food
Attack bases with more food than wood
Attack bases with someone online - yes controversial but you got a good chance they’re out hunting and not guarding their base

I would say I’m about 70% success rate with getting some loot using the above, and about 40-50% success rate to get the loot shown on the attack screen at the end of run.


im getting f-ed they need to have more lumber crates or something hunting for lumber is cool but not reliable

Wait until Saturday/Sunday. A lot of people are done upgrading by then and it’s easier to find lumber.


I don’t know how hard it would be to implement but i feel like a couple of options could be

  1. the value of wood/food shown at the comencement of the attack is given no matter what (comes from neverland if the defender has spent). This could cause issues but nice in theory
  2. have a bonus provided from neverland to every base attack. ie. base value of 25k wood + PG bonus of x% of base or fixed value upon attacker base level.
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I have this issue every fort event. An event or two ago I filed a ticket because of how ridiculous it is and after they gave me a lecture on how the fort event works (so annoying) they finally offered that the matchmaking page where you choose someone to raid takes like 5-10min to update or something like that so you could see someone with 100k wood that really has 0 because over the prior 8 minutes got hit by like 10 people.

This is still super shitty and annoying I’ve wasted dozens and dozens of boosts and heals already in the one day this event has been open but that’s really just how it goes. You’re not alone, it just blows.

I have noticed the same

The tips Grumpybird posted work well. I wasn’t going to share but guess they’re nicer than I am :joy:

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i guess im more pissed raiding loot takes heal potions and boost to dragons ive spent my cash with very little return. i like the idea of a bonus to loot with attack just like egg tokens in breeding.?.?

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I have been getting tons of wood all day long. Hardly any zeros. Keep looking, it’s out there. :blush:

Plenty of wood out there. I raided 750k in 40 mins last night.

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yeah last night was cool. but it took higher lvls breaking down loot for us lower lvls to have a chance at a piece of the action.