Lord of Time + New Timers Discussion Thread


Hey all!

Please discuss the new Lord of Time Pack and 24h + 48h Timers here.

Link to the official announcement:

The Lord of Time Value Pack and New 24h and 48h Timers

I know that the post says that the new timers are coming to value packs, chests, and as event rewards, but is there a plan to make them forge-able in the future?


is not showing in store yet. When is this gonna be released?


29.61 days worth of timers
Is this worth $20?

Spenders to comment since i don’t know typical values


Probably when fortification starts🤔


$20 doesn’t even finish one level 45 tower… no thanks.

24hr & 48hr timers are long overdue, so thanks for this!


Switching from a five to ten tower level per tier cadence and introducing some speed up packs… but oh, look, you only got to spend less than before to build those. Aren’t you super helpful PG?
(Don’t even bother to check whether these packs do save ya some coin)

Apologies, not shooting the messenger here… just not thrilled about this rather shameless money grab


How interesting.
I won’t spend on such a pack—I’d rather save my money for something more worthwhile. I’m just interested in how these will be incorporated into chests. :t_rex:


Yes…but if they’re only available in limited supply, and only to the top performers, it’s not really worth it.

The 12-hour timers need to be replaced with 48’s in the loot tables. The 3 hour timers need to be replaced by the 24’s in the loot tables. Handing out a handful here and there doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the problem.


Agreed - just trying to combat my inner negative, sarcastic bastard.


My filter is getting leaky :see_no_evil:



I definitely second this. Timer drops haven’t changed in a long time (ever?) and they most certainly need to be improved. The game is a lot different than it was two years ago. :t_rex:


My concern with these being introduced is that we will now get 2 24 hr timers in place of 4 12 hr timers. I expect these will not be added on top of the current speedups we are getting but will replace the same speed up value in the prizes (future chests)

Gawd, I hope I am wrong


Well holy cow. That right there is a step forward! But we can only buy one :joy::rofl:


It’s possible, yes, but I don’t have much more news about it right now!

Should be live around the same time that the event begins today.


I can’t even upgrade 1 tower with this


Also, the artificial scarcity psychological play and drumming up the value via art/title of this pack… :see_no_evil:

One-time packs in other games are typically amazing deals, not this.


Sorry but you must mean peasant of time?

Not even 1 tower lvl for $20? Worse than architect pack when mathed out


$100 pack value (rulers pack)
35000 rubies = 35,000 / 5,900 = 5.93 x (15 days of 12hr + 2.5 days of 3hr + 1.46 days of 1hr) = 112.43 days
Also includes = (10 days of 12hr + 2.5 days of 3hr) = 12.5 days
Total = 1.25 days / $1

$100 pack value (architects pack)
35000 rubies = 35,000 / 5,900 = 5.93 x (15 days of 12hr + 2.5 days of 3hr + 1.46 days of 1hr) = 112.43 days
Also includes = 15 gold chests = 24hr/chest = 15 days
Also includes = (16 days of 12hr + 3 days of 3hr) = 19 days
Total = 1.46 days / $1

Lord of Time pack value
29.61 days / $20
Total = 1.48 days / $1

Also there seems to be quite a few custom packs out there with substantially more value than this pack
Overall, not worth the cost at all.

Thanks @Gox1201 for adding gold chests, i don’t buy packs so didn’t even think about that


@mechengg 15 gold chests?

Also has more timers ( 32 12h & 32 3h)