Lord of Time + New Timers Discussion Thread


Hell no! And it’s a teaser one time purchase.

What should we finish with 29 days? Our farms?


Ah right. Hmm that would be 24 hours / 1 chest

Will edit my post to include that


could always build that L44 ballista everyone dreams about



Relatively speaking, it’s more than the 100$ pack I got offered. Quick maths says the 100$ pack is 1800 hours, the time lord pack if bought at 100$ would be 2800 hours.

As a comparison 100$(of the pack bought from pvp events)(averaged over my normal purchase amounts lol) gives about 175 12h timers from gold chests during fort event. Or 2100h, 3150h when accounting for my 3h timers

I’m summary it’s proportional to gold chest devoted timer drop, if they had a 100$ pack it would be fairly close to direct value. @mechengg


We were looking at two different packs, so included both lol


Good marketing, horrible value imo.

Interesting the value that PG is putting on mid level tower upgrades…


This roughly line’s up with the math done in my head, but I thought the new pack would be a little better than that. Doesn’t matter because you can only buy the one which as Gox mentioned is laughable to anyone building 75’s.

I will say it’s very good value for anyone who ~30 days of timers is meaningful for. Mostly because it’s guaranteed timers rather than luck of the draw with gold chests. Sample rates of gold chests can be bad if you just open 10 vs the hundreds you probably need to open for 75 towers. (Likely to be purchased by many alt accounts)

Thanks for doing the math.


The irony of the pack name is strong.

I’d think a Lord of Time could level at least a few towers.

I guess I’d be wrong.


So what we’re saying is it’s about $100 a level? I’m really glad you guys are working on the post 300 problem.

1 level = approx 4 ungrades
Each upgrade is approx 37 days
4*37 =148
148/30ish days from each pack = 5 ish

$100 a level

Edited for math and spelling


Lord of time for people sub-L44 towers is the hidden sub-title?


Only need 87 more levels. (300-387)


Except for me its around 10 towers per level

Or 370 days…


Gox must be in the post 500 fun.


I thought the xp per level was static after 300 or does it continually get worse?


301-500 is constant.

Then it get crazy.





Say it isn’t so…


This thread has some numbers.

Insane XP required to level after 300

There are a few others, but I can’t find them at the moment.


I never looked past the 300 bit - that was discouraging enough LOL


So will this also mean that existing time drops will be increased? Or will they be changed out for higher players? Or will the chests include all of them in diminishing quantities from the existing timer scale?