Lord of Time + New Timers Discussion Thread


Which do you think? Lol


Thank you right. Doing the numbers and its like awesome its just not enough.


All I’m going to say is if this doesn’t straight out substitute 3 and 12 hour timers in event rewards and chest drops it’s not nearly enough to justify anything. We shall see.


PG works on the principle that packs containing specific items always has LESS VALUE than more generic packs. See Echo’s response to the atlas shard packs as a prime example.

Never ever buy these types of packs.


It won’t even do 1 build for 20 bucks, really?


All I can say is please PG do something to keep me playing, it breaks my heart to be hitting a timer wall so hard that it’s steering me towards giving up a game I love.


According to dragon-manager.com, after lvl 400 it’s start growing again :slight_smile:
And starting from some lvl after 400, it increases with each lvl.


I doubt that this will happen, at least not quickly. They could use this event to test widespread distribution of these things, and because the next fort is in 3 weeks no harm done if it goes poorly (which it wouldn’t). Instead it is confined to team achievements and personal rank prizes, which are quite difficult to get.


I’m not expecting it to happen for this event but at least by next season.


Same. They did say that the abundance will slowly be expanded, which probably means they don’t want to break anything with a quick release but have concrete plans to go through with this.


Fingers crossed :rofl:


@MareZ and @SavageAFforPG both posted graphs of xp required…

I doubt it has changed.


Omg this is why a pack makes no sense. To a level 10 this is super overpowered and for 300+ they can’t even level 1 tower. This is why u don’t make a pack and scale it in-game instead. But of course if there’s a new addition it has to be tied to a price tag. Why don’t we scale things? Oh wait… it took 3 years for breeding scaling. What I’m a thinking -.- that’s never gonna happen


My bad - necessary xp for 1 lvl starts growing after 500, not 400 :slight_smile:
It’s even worse there.



I won’t open my gold chests or use my rubies until they put those one day and two days timers in gold chests :eyes:


Good idea!


This pack isn’t even enough to upgrade 1 tower one level for me.


I know that pack is shit but did anyone else get offered this one?


No, I haven’t. And no one else on my team for that matter.

Btw, am I the only one who’s bothered by the wording change? Timers vs Speedups.
I prefer the term “timers” so can it be changed in the game as well?


Only one other person on my team had it offered!