Lord of Time + New Timers Discussion Thread


Perhaps they noticed I hadn’t spent all season on packs and wanted to ruin my streak… successfully I might add :sweat_smile:


That’s the discussion that’s been going on here




Ugh you’re so lucky. I wanna buy that!


Idk, I like the new pack.

As a non spender it’s nice to see PG is closing the gap between spenders and non spenders by ripping off the spenders.
(Referring to the “Lord of time” pack)


I’m gonna buy 100 of these packs…of timers… and speed myself into the future where I’ve finally quit the game…

But for now… keep your most generous pack lol


post 300 is not a problem. what is there to fix? can you suddenly not level? are you stuck at level 300? PG shouldn’t change a thing


The problem is that moving from Harbinger to Vanguard dragons costs several times more in timers than moving from red to harbinger. If you think that’s sensible then I guess you could get a career at PG…


Lmao :joy::joy::joy:


I know we all complain about timers and Gox ( Urgent scaling required! ) and many others have mentioned the INSANE amount of timers required above 300 but is this all that is being done about the issue?

Is there any way to scale the timers that drop during runs based on the player’s level? I have 19,605 one minute timers from runs (a whopping 13.61 days) and while they are helpful it’s really just a pittance of the 600 plus days of timers I need to go from 310 to 315 in order to evolve my divine dragons to Harbinger. This will be the fourth fortification event since I reached 300. Does that seem reasonable?

Buying this “Lord” of time pack does next to nothing to solve this issue much like the “scaling” (for the tiers up to obsidian didn’t either.

I’m not trying to rush to “end game” but come on, this is nuts.


I hope that yesterday’s big meeting covered this topic and PG is soon able to discuss it with the GPF.


Yes, that would be nice. I’m reluctant to go hard on fort when there is the possibility of these better timers becoming available in the near future. Would rather get more bang for my buck if these will be showing up in gold chests, packs, etc. soon.


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