Losing a member to death


Hello everyone I have started this topic in the Forum because I thought that they were aren’t many members and dragonlords and officers that have stories to share of someone passing away and they’re going and I’m glad I started it and there’s one thing I’m not glad about is losing another member. Sometime today I received an email from that member sister saying that her sister had passed away in the hospital and I’m not sure what yet, I just know that she had several things wrong with her and she was very young she was I believe it was taken 15 years old. Her name was Lily 5472 she will be missed, she is also known for her spunkiness her positive or A her positive train of thoughts her positive energy she gives out the willingness to help others in battles and resources and advice and always there at events and war. She also brought smiles to people’s faces when times when they were having a bad day. She will be missed and she will be very well thought of and always in our hearts!!! I will also keep everyone posted on what happened I did send a reply back to her sister and I’m asking what happened and how did this happen and I will keep everyone posted thank you again.

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I said I will keep you posted on my second member that has passed away and this is what happened.

my thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out to Lilly sister and her family.


wow that’s some seriously private information there, I hope the person/family is okay with you sharing this on this forum.


Yes they are MareZ… I wouldn’t have posted it if it wasn’t ok.


I’m glad that you respect their privacy enough not to post that without permission. Sadly, not everyone is as thoughful in their actions.


I can definitely understand that Liz. Let’s just say at least there are people like us out there. Thank you. :blush:


Okay I just had some news by a best friend of my member that yesterday she was in horrible car crash her name was Dragonheart 256, she passed away today she was only a child, but she had a spunk unlike any child I’ve ever seen. The best qualities was she was a fighter a good one to she never quits until she got what she wanted. show always be in my heart and my teammates heart, will always be remembered and never forgotten. May you rest in peace… :kissing_heart:


That is very sad, I feel sorry for the loss and hope she’s at a better place now :pray:


Thank you mare it just scares me so much that all this is happening… I’ve had three deaths happen so quickly. One teen, one child, and an adult… it blows my mind.


It really is scary… just shows you that we all need to take it seriously, and live life to the fullest. My condolences to all the lost members and their family’s/friends. I too have had some close friends on the game pass away, and it’s hard. Despite not knowing them in real life, you still have that sort of connection. Think happy thoughts everyone, their all in a better place now, and would want to see you all happy and healthy.

Star :dizzy:


Thanks that was very well said, I appreciate that and I’m sure alot of us here do as well. :kissing_heart:


We have had several excellent teammates who have suddenly stopped playing, leaving us just wondering and praying nothing bad happened. PG respects privacy so much that we cannot ever even know someone’s real name, if they don’t wish to share.

In a worst-case senario, I had a young player leave a suicide note on the game and in desperation, I (in Australia) tried to contact someone (in the US) to help - anyone! But no one could do anything, although everyone was as concerned as I was. All I could do was leave it up to PG and trust that they would contact the authorities concerned… but due to privacy, they were never allowed to tell me what happened. I will never know!

We now try to get our people linked up with an external group like Line or Facebook, but privacy issues have made us a generation of isolated people. It’s a sad fact of life that we make friends on this game, who can be gone from our lives in moments, and we will never know why.

Cherish your friends, for you never know what tomorrow brings.


@PG thank you for making this possible for our fri d badjuju from 7wingsofFire this is by far the best thing you’ve done in this game since you’ve taken it over I think you should keep those castles named fallen dragon for cases like this once agin thank you it is very much appreciated we will miss you badjuju


I second the motion!


I’ll miss that guy :frowning_face: and thank you PG for making the above image possible.


OMG!!! All I have to say to that is very well written and I do hope and pray that your friend is still living nd has found some help. My heart goes out to you…


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