Losing chests and gems

When you buy chests have you ever lost them after your purchase.

I bought 10 gold chest for 8,000 gems and lost all of them

:thinking: Do you live in a parallel universe where 10 gold chests cost 8k rubies instead of 4k?

Anyway, you should contact support in-game. This is also very much about the game and not off topic.



The 8k applies to runic chests… but he did specify GOLD chests :neutral_face:

This actually happened to me. I had 10 gold chests. I went to open them. It charged my 4K rubies to open the 10 free chests I already had and then I only got 10 items. I sent in a ticket and went rounds with pg support. In the end even though pg agreed I had been charged 2xs and only received 10 chests they said they needed weeks to look into it and they would get back to me. I said that’s not good enough and I went to Apple and got a refund on the $20 pack I had purchased the same day I opened the chests.

Yeah I have, said the stuff was addded to my account but no it wasn’t lol. Still haven’t got them to this day :persevere: