Losing my shards, points and pg says

this is now happening way to MUCH in atlas! it is so annoying and PG has always just sent me a random answer everytime i send in a support ticket. this issue is when I level my rider, after 2-3 levels my game says “we are synching the system” and it closes on me to restart the app…

i re open atlas and my shards i used for leveling 2-3 times are gone, the xp is gone, the skill points i got from leveling are gone… but my dragon rider is back to the previous level. when i send in the support ticket, they send me a irrelevant answer and say the following which i copied from my email…

“Hello there Dragon Lord,

We apologize again for the trouble with the sync errors that occurred after upgrading towers following 4.30’s release. The team has fixed this issue and credited all affected players two 3hr speedups.

On the otherhand, if this doesn’t address your issue/concern, please reopen this conversation.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions, please let us know.


Then please continue (Those are probably response from general CS). Might as well put the ticket number here.

Having same issue. Be persistent with them. Ask for the log of when your rider was leveled up

wat do u mean ask them for log? did ur issue get resolved?

lol it is so akward that they have an automated random response, its frustrating…

Same thing happened with me and I got same answer seriously this is too much

it just happened to me AGAIN!!! 4 minutes ago, lost all my xp and skill points!

@PGJared @PGDave please something be done with this, im so much concented with GP even tho i use a lot of troops in the process, but the shards and skill points i lose is reay upsetting because they are hard to get…

They will need your support ticket number die.

I have the same problem

i sent a message to them via social media about the messages via email were getting random generated messages, and they said that this issue is still ongoing and once it is resolved they will send compensation packages… which i hope i so…

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