Losing resources during event attacks


We are losing resources during the event attacks @PGJared @PGDave @pgEcho

I’m sure this isn’t meant to be!!! Can we get this fixed please


Plus event attacks are showing in my Replays which they never usually do.


This is currently being investigated by the team.


Yes loosing a lot of resources in this event…


the same with attacks in the war, the lights don’t count!


You always lost resources during War attacks and that is intended.


Losing resources during any attack will be a loss of resources. Depending on how much you have, researching in to protecting it and level of storage. If loot was lowered people would have to attack A LOT more people to upgrade. Having to use a lot of lumber to upgrade is the issue. If the amount used to upgrade was reduced would be helpful.


No, event attacks are not supposed to grant the attacker resources. Thats why they made this thread about it.


She’s new :roll_eyes:. Let she think the WD is still pink man


I’m not new, but har har har


Why is the resources lost when it has yet to be farmed? I can understand that losing resources in your storage but I notice that I am losing lumber or food on my farm. My storage has some protection which will protect some resources when the attack is successful.


Storage has a certain protection level but farms/mills don’t. so if you just leave your resources there, it will be raided when destroyed


because the Original Thread is about Losing resources during EVENT :roll_eyes: and then you went on about a different thing


Was referring to Event and Non Event situations. Hopefully issue will get fixed :blush:


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