Loss 6B DP moving from 1&2 to 4&5, please help

Hello all,

This fort I moved my kill island from 1&2 to 4&5

I transform 111 pylon and fire flak to volts for a triple volts set up

I loss almost 6B defense power, could someone help me understand why such a big drop

Hard to answer this - have so many variables. For example -

  1. Did you have a rider on Seagazer Perch? If so, did you move it to Riverwatch? If you did, is Riverwatch lvl 30 or higher to get max benefit of rider and gear?

  2. Did you move runes and glyphs? There is only one Statue for islands 1/2 - but - island 4 has its own statue and island 5 has a Tower of Leaning (therefore, runes/glyphs only effect 5 tower locations).

  • past experience has shown me people often put the runes/glyphs on the Tower of a learning (which only covers island 5) - when the towers they were boosting are on island 4.

Also did you move all you runes and glyphs?


It would help if you could differentiate whether the drop happened when you moved your kill island or when you transformed the towers. If you did both at the same time, then things are a bit more muddied.

If Kasima was your main rider all along, you would lose out the benefit of the fire flak buff if you had skilled for it.

I reset Kasima’s skills to buff ICE and DARK
I moved the rider to buff 4 & 5
I moved Rune & Glyphs

Island 4 doesn’t have rune though, I don’t have Volts rune and glyph yet

I’m guessing it’s because of the transformation, but 6b is a huge drop

I don’t think base DP matters too much. I believe it’s similar to dragon stats and AP


Not having runes on 4 is a big deal

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This is probably where a lot of your missing dp went.

Island 1 & 2 share 1 Monument over 10 towers.
Island 4 & 5 share 2 Monuments 1 per 5 towers.

You are missing tower coverage as 1 Monument has nothing on it.

you are right… i just moved back to 1&2

6B came back

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