Loss of base defense overall power

I just noticed that my base loss 2.5% of its defensive power. Why?

It’s in the announcements…

Oh yeah and upgrading perches has not added any to my base overall defense
This game is so broken it is sad

Thank you. That explains that but not the perches

Why do you care about your defense power in the first place rofl?

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Are your perched mounted?

Don’t focus on your DP numbers. They are drastically inaccurate and weigh heavily on runes and what the original tower levels are “supposed to be” and have not changed even when the re-balancing of certain towers was done.

If it was calculated based on a coefficient for attack power, and a coefficient for HP of all of your buildings or something, then it would perhaps at least be relevant, but they literally assign an arbitrary number to each tower of a certain level. AKA a dark flak tower L60 and a ballista L60 both add the exact same defense power to your base number. LOL

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That’s cause lvl 60 Ballistas are OP


Right? It’ll melt that L1 Ember.

Even level 6 ember!

… :sob:



I gave up on trying to figure out why I’m loosing stuff in game
Just relax and accept,lol
Or refund money from Apple,if you feel so)

If you do not have anything useful to say then don’t

I mean, knowing not to pay attention to your def numbers is useful to know. Mech explained coach’s answer in further detail, but the message was pretty much DP is a useless metric.

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Zzzz… Sorry you didn’t think my answer was useful… Your loss.

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Do you mean all those Mythic Storm Striker and Legendary Poison Frenzy I put on my empty islands and sky rocketed my Def Power will not help me in a real defense???

I have made a fool of myself then.
Will start a complaining only post, that should help me.

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might help scare off an unwitting attacker so not a total loss.

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If the attacker watches DP before attacking instead of looking at the base then I am the one scared. To death.

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I can tell you there are a few that ask me “can you take down xxx def?”.



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