Lost account. Need help to recover


I lost my account women had to reset my phone to the default settings. I thought I would be able to recover it because I was signed into Google Play and all my other games I have been able to recover the accounts. That didn’t happen with this game I need to recover my account. My ID is Dragondad1209


Make a ticket and answer their questions if you don’t have a pocket ID


send ticket to support with the ff information

account name
account creation date
primary email
email you want to attach if you can’t access your primary email
purchase receipt (last 3 preferred)


That should be good enough to help you recover the account. If you know the email, you can simply do the forgot password and a password change will be sent to your registered email.

Lấy lại tài khoảng game

Where do I find support?




if there is no pocket ID, the chance of losing the account is great.
I can sign in multiple google play games account too but the pocket id is the same


Not really, if OP follows kenshiki’s steps, he’ll be fine. Same thing happened to a friend of mine and he got his account back following those steps.


that is a relief as there is still hope


If you really can prove to them that you are the owner of that account they will give it back to you. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


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