Lost castle, taken by you pg

Pvp event and you take our castle

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auto upkeep failure I presume?

Put in a ticket and pay your upkeep manually would be my suggestion. Though I know they thought they fixed this. You can still check to make sure your upkeep is being paid and if not, pay it yourself.

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Actually that’s what seems to bug it out… We had someone pay manually on a castle that had auto-upkeep, two days later (when auto-upkeep would’ve payed) the castle was lost. This was before the fix though.

Hmm, that’s weird. We have never had an issue if we manually paid prior to the auto upkeep payment hitting. Gotta love glitches

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Here’s an interesting read on upkeep.

I didn’t ask an obvious question. Did you have enough gold for the upkeep to be paid?

You need to put in a support ticket as others have said.

Also you should disable autoupkeep for all castles once. (I personally am not trusting it to be fixed, but I believe it’s supposed to work if you disabled and reenable after the below announcement went out)

Did your team actually disabled + enabled the auto upkeep?

I know that PG sent an email to everyone with Atlas that this has been fixed and that every team needs to re-enable it like what Eidolon posted above.

Their first post was prior to the fix. I think there’s more to the story to be honest. Unless lost in the shuffle. I imagine pg will make them whole if they lost as described

Auto upkeep is still not working after the supposed “fix” - The team I mentor, Lonefamily, lost their castle due to the auto upkeep failure and PG refuses to do anything about it!

@PGJared - Why can’t you guys give castles back that are lost due to the auto upkeep issue? It really is not fair for a team to lose a castle this way!

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So why is it PG previously returned castles to teams that lost them due to the auto upkeep issue, but is now no longer doing that?


You should have mentored them to not trust auto-upkeep.


Seriously, that is the most constructive comment you can make? A new officer enabled auto upkeep that was not aware of the issue.

Sounds like maybe they don’t need to be officer if they aren’t keeping up with current events.


We have sent several in-game messages to players (the most recent being a few weeks ago) that they would need to disable and reenable auto upkeep for it to properly function correctly. Unfortunately, if a team has not taken these steps, we will not be returning the castles at this point. The team’s available option is to reconquer the castle that was lost.


You guys send us that message after we lost our Castle it was not before it was after. And we did what u guys told us to do to our other castles. Obviously we couldn’t do it to that one cuz it was already glicthed before your guys’s message was sent. So don’t say that we did not do what you guys told us to do when I was the one who went to each castle and fixed it. Before making a false statement like that please check your information correctly. Thanks

The thing I do not totally get is we get from the forums use the ticket system. However from the ticket system we get different replies with no really good fixes. And then get told you should have used the forums.

I understand it’s a hard thing to deal with and there really is no win win answer. If PG gives the castle back we are happy. But then the other team will be mad. This problem should have been handled much faster by the ticket system to help prevent any bent out of shape from the other team when they would have had to give up a castle that they just conquered…


Can u take screenshots to confirm this? Also can you pm me the name of the castle and the team who has it.

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