Lost everything

I just need help recovering my account my old name was Dexterexe didnt have much but i had a bit of stuff you cant get again 2 i thought the account was just gone so i tried to create a new one with pocket id but when they asked for a user name and i typed Dexterexe they said it was taken so just wanna know if the account still exists or someone else is using that name which is unlikely cause the name sucks

UserID means your email … you can try to log into your old account. If it doesn’t work, select the Forgot Password button and enter the email for your old account. They will send a password reset mail. Hope it works. :four_leaf_clover:

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That means you were on the create an account screen. You have to click the already have an account button from there and THEN enter in your XE login information.

they will do an account verification. Gather the following:

Player Name
Player level
Team you were in when you still had access
Last time you were able to play using that account.
Screenshot of your purchase receipt (bank statements are not valid)
email address that is registered on that account.
account creation date (should have month day and year if possible or month and year)

However, if you still remember your email and sure that that is your Dexterexe, just do the in-game password reset by tapping the “Forgot Password” and typing your email or something on the menu that pops out.

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