Lost gems due to rollback 5.30

Hi guys
I had opened almost 110 gold chests using gems just b4 the rollback. Received some resources. After the rollback i lost all those resources but didn’t receive the gems back that i spent for getting those resources.

I even had screenshots for b4 n after the rollback for resources that i had. I raised a ticket stating all the issues; for which the answer was the resources are credited to you and you are not missing anything.
Please can someone guide me how could i get tons of timers, inner fire fragments b4 the rollback which magically disappeared after the rollback. And still I’m not missing any resources.

What’s the solution for this

Ticket -> escalate ticket -> PM PGGallileo with the ticket number


Hi can not find a option to escalate ticket in game.
I visit ticket by Settings -> help > Right Side Top icon (My tickets) -> one of ticket

Yes, open that ticket of yours and write there directly that you want this matter to be escalated, because it have not been resolved yet.


Had a similar issue.
Have to give credit when credit’s due.

Resolved to my satisfaction.
As people said here, ask to escalate. I did just that, literally asked through ticket to escalate the matter.
Next agent who responded, looked through the logs, then we had one more exchange and next thing I know they reimbursed me.

Very pleasent experiance at the end.

Edit: You dont necessarily need PGGallileo


You only need to PM Galileo if support takes too long to answer your ticket… that’s what I know from what I’ve seen at least. If support doesn’t get back with you, send Galileo your ticket number and the matter will be resolved. Of course I’m just going off of what I’ve seen throughout the community (the forum part especially), so I could be wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Unless now Galileo is on holidays until beginning of January.

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Hoping for some reasonable n responsible person

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