Lost Islands/New Lands

So is the plan just to repeat the same thing for Sapphire and Diamond teams to go get more glory and castles in a different sandbox? No discussion of changes, different islands, Platinum inclusion without T4-6 castles. Nothing… This seems like an afterthought not a new and exciting thing. Stale 4 PvPs in main game and now Atlas stays the same but added more requirements for glory? Disappointing that the “hype machine” at PG is on vacation. Big TAs on the move again securing areas because the “Lost Islands” season is winding down as well. Just rich getting richer here without any thought for those not at end game.


So your team or you need to move up to sapphire, you want to stay at low league and get benefits?

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The point is new content not what “benefits” I can get. I would like something new and exciting for the whole game not just a select few. Once again there should be things that move the whole game forward not a select group. Sorry you felt the need to punch down.


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I do not try to insult you.

You want T4, have a lot entry’s with no guards in old land like at the new land, so what is the difference? and what stop you from taking them?

No what I would like is an area that is dedicated to near equivalent teams with some kind of objective.

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I hear your concern but at this point. Tbh most s2-3 teams are really just glory holes with 100% glory being granted. I do agree with orish that 4’s in old lands address same issues. Additionally there are lots of t2-3that are entries that are held very lightly. Which creates an opportunity for your team to attack and conquer.

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Well it could be good idea, new land for sapphire and up (lvl4-5-6 castles) and new land for platinum and down (2-3-4 castles).

No need two islands only for sapphire and up, they can change one of them to platinum and down, just do them little bit bigger.

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My post was not that I want more castles… I was saying I want more gameplay, something new, don’t hype something up that isn’t all that great anyways and give it to part of the community. We all want something new and to be rewarded for our play. I don’t care if D1 players get more than me, honestly they deserve it, they have to do a lot more work. However I don’t think there should be zero reward and nothing new just because you aren’t end game or in an alliance who changes your diapers.

Just sayin’


In my ideal world there would be a D1-D2 island, S1-S2 Island, S3-P1 Island, P2-P4 Island with different levels of bonuses and different levels of rewards. Diamonds should get better goodies, no qualms there and the value of rewards should decrease with level, 100%, 90%, 50%, 30% ( or something like that, make it worthwhile to be S2 or higher).
Have T4 be max in lower level islands with mainly T3s or something. There would also be some objective instead of defend my turf but that’s for another post!

I not understand you well at the start, I’m agree every player in game should have fun and get new things that keep him playing, with out new players that grow that game not have any future and not be the same.

Ok but the game hasn’t really changed with new lands with 1 exception. More teams are getting better rewards. But maybe that’s your point something. Actually new not just more needs to change?

There’s so many castles. Platinum basically has an entire map of Atlas that doesn’t wipe. But how many plat teams are even active enough to hold decent castles.


My problem with new lands is that it’s released during the week. Conquering the castles the fun part last maybe a hour if you work or are asleep because you have work the next day you are not able to participate it the castle grab. I feel it should be released during the weekend maybe on a Saturday. This would allow more team members to participate in it. Because once the castles are conquered it’s just Regular atlas.

I actually found the land grab part of it, the least fun…going after castles that are already owned and fighting for them was what I personally found to be the most entertaining…

I hope that PG stops encouraging teams not to put effort into defending and holding castles…

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Unfortunately that the current setup . So many castles have 5k castle guards and heaps of 5k troops. Some people like myself will actively hit those castles, majority will not.

I posted in the other chat there should need to be min guards added to each castle to get benefit

You won’t believe . Someone got a 311k taunter to conquer the 5k cg castles . Best meal ever !!

Someone else got 2m troops to conquer a 3k cg castle , best meal ever again !!

If you never try , you will never know :joy:

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Wish I seen that when I attack, I have the same people reloading 5k so I keep reloading the right amount and take them out :joy: