Lost my team leadership 😬 Please help!?

When a new member joined my team I promoted him to an officer as he was a large player for my bronze team. He was active also. After I promoted him it looked as if he wasn’t promoted so I clicked the promote icon a second time and without any warning that I was handing over my leadership to him I was given a screen advising me that I was no longer the Leader of my team :flushed::scream::frowning::tired_face::pensive: Please can someone help me to tag a pg member who can assist me to regain my leadership? As this new player has not logged onto the game for two days now and I don’t think :thinking: he understands the game well enough to repromote me back to Leader?

maybe he doesnt want u to be his leader? xD

Even if I tagged a PG member I don’t think they would necessarily help, to get your old spot without having the new leader promote you you need to leave the team (make sure it’s auto-accept, if not I would contact support and hope they can help), and come back this way you won’t be an officer, next you have to wait for the leader to go inactive and get auto kicked and voila you will be promoted back to leader, BUT for that to work you need to be active, have the highest medals, and not be an officer on the team. I would still contact support though just in case.


Take it as a learning. Dont promote people you dont know.


Talk first, promote later…

That has changed, the officer who has held the position the longest will be promoted to leader …


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