Lost of sigils in chest

I normally wouldn’t post something this trivial here but when I know how to do math as simple as adding 25 to 750 I’m pretty sure my math tells me that 750+25= 775 not 750. So when I have 750 sigils and 25 come from bronze chest and I don’t see them add to my count and support says I haven’t missed any something isn’t right! @PGPulse @PGMichael not sure who to tag about this. #983005

Sometimes it takes a while for those extra sigils to register. Have you tried checking back a few minutes later?

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Yes I even restarted game

In that case, I would suggest submitting a ticket if the sigils really are MIA.

I have support says they had triple checked I have received everything

:confused: I don’t know what else to suggest then :pensive:

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