Lost progress and gold loot


So I’ve been experiencing a bug where upon completing token missions, exp runs, etc., I leave the game and come back a few minutes later to find all progress has been lost. Normally, I just go about my day and redo my stuff, as typically, nothing is really lost other than my time. Today however, I had picked up several bronze chests, a gold chest, and had done exp runs that required the help of teammates. When I contacted support, the basically told me I was full of crap, and that gold chests don’t drop as battle loot!? Am I crazy?I know I’ve gotten gold chests in battle drops before! I’ve been playing this game for a year now, and I’ve spent well over 200$ during that year. This is really poor treatment on behalf of pg support. Can anyone else confirm that this crap has happened to them? Gold chest do occasionally (albeit rarely) drop as loot from blowing up monuments?!


Gold chests definitely drop as loot.



Not according to support, I guess we are both crazy, lol.


@pgjared support doesnt’ seem to realise that gold chests drop as loot. Please let them know :+1:


That’s just support not knowing jack as usual. Sigh.


@PGJared I’d really appreciate an acknowledgement here, I put in another ticket today after picking up another gold chest as loot. I saw that you had posted elsewhere that you are part of the support team. So could you possibly fill them in, gold chests DO drop as loot!


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