Lost runes / glyphs

I was wondering if there were only 2 of us tried to figure out how to use the new runes features ended up losing all the runes and glyphs.

I had sent in a ticket to ask for reversing.
However, the response I got from them was not favorable. Current lvl 588, you guys should understand the time and money I have been investing in.


For sure is an understandable and unguilty mistake. Maybe @PG should reconsider his position taking into consideration it is a new system of savings, after years and years.


I’ll share what I have already said.


This does seems very unfair response . My comment is constructive criticism I personally prefer the old rune/glyphs system. It’s quicker to use


Wow! I am so sorry!! This could really be devastating to a player. PG should really reconsider because this was a new feature and that is a VERY easy mistake to make. It was really unclear that button would delete ALL of your glyphs/runes.

Hopefully this will be reversed.


This would make me rage quit…


They should have at least offered you some in game currency to make up for it. This is just wrong.


Thanks for the feedback. We just want what we’re equipped back. My lvl is pushing 600, and the other player is lvl 600. There’s no way we can fly without runes and glyphs.


No more elite, no more packs, no more atlas elite. PG sucks!!! The developers only care about the diamond players. When my elite pass expires, I’m outtie!!!

I am in D1. Not sure what the deal is.

Without reset, I can’t fly like I used to. Thanks for all of you the kind words. It was funny that they reminded me beware Of what I was confirming and not to do it again. I understood I couldn’t undo my own action. I was hopping they would allow that one time reset so I can continue fly with those who have been here with me through thick and thin. I tried sent out serval tickets ,It’s a bit pointless at this moment. Have fun flying everyone!


I’m so sorry for this and makes me reinforce that the right decision for me is to leave the game after this season finished. They implemented a feature which is literally like deleting your account, there is no recover in our level (637 103B def) from loosing exotic and rade mythic runes totally. Theyshould have put in a ig red wRning that sou will loose all our rues/glyphs… or even better never implement such feature. Their respone is beyond careless. Thank you for your money, please close the door behind you… Such incidents could happen to any of us any day with such new features and to see what can I expect in that case is terrible. Sorry a out kispellings, I an only write from in game forum browser be ause in 3 years they couldn’t fix for me to login to safari browser


Moku! :heart:It has been a great journey…

I made the same honest mistake. Salvage all ‘visible’ runes in my opinion does not include equipped one. Only the ones you see on your screen. I got a pretty lame reply that I should be more careful next time. As if I ever will use that feature again


Keep fighting because I am ! I even called PG more need to do the same .


Every time I come back to this thread expect to see good news, that PG gave players their runes/glyphs back and would work on making the new system better.

Really shocked PG hasn’t fixed this yet; especially, for equipped runes/glyphs only. Not that it matters much, but feel extremely sad and disappointed for all those affected.


This seems like a pretty obvious case of something they should be willing to fix. I thought waiting through the weekend would be all it took to get it resolved. Now the week is half over


They’re capable of reverting Thousands of Chests and all of the RSS that comes with it back to before you opened anything.

One would think the same could easily be done with Runes/Glyphs. Which would actually be much easier to manage as you are dealing with less variables.


Once they do it for someone, they have to do the same for everyone.

That may be easier, but it’s a new type of extra work.

I’m betting that’s their logic. :grin:

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Valid point. I get the fear of not wanting to set a precedent, however, I feel not helping these players out is wrong. PG should fix this and make it right for this early round of players who just didn’t know. We all now know what will happen, so make it right for those who lost out.

Send out an in-game note/warning about the feature.

There’s no reason why ANYONE would want to destroy all of their runes and glyphs.

I feel really bad for all of those I’m reading about here who lost all their runes.