Lost token bonus

I just found out I lost my double token bonus. Made a ticket but wanted to put it out there for people to check their own accounts.

@PGJared @PGCrisis


Lost my bonus also

It doesn’t stack with the double token bonus that everyone gets during the breeding event. By Tuesday, everyone else will have lost their double bonus and you’ll still have yours.

Please check what you think you know. Those amounts are the standard amounts before double bonus.

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Yeah, my bad - just looked closer at the numbers!

when did you unlock the ET boost, @BigDaamnBEAR?

Just checked, I have lost mine too

The second day of the season.

Either way the event one should be active in its place.

Ahha… I see. And I am fortunately still in possession of mine.

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I used to have the event bonus… Now its poof gone

Hold on for a second! It was approximately an hour ago when the game had to be restarted as there was some content available. I was hoping it was Kayla, but still no luck finding out what the message referred to. Can that be the reason @PGCrisis?

I think 240 tokens for every 10 minutes the boost is gone is a fair compensation for this.

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Mine is gone too. My alt on android is ok though.

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I’ve been getting ruby drops instead of chests. Same thing happened to me in October, no token boost in event and no chests. But that time it was just a few accounts. Not this many.

Oh, and it is happening in both my iOS and android accounts.

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@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis this is important! We’re in the middle of a breeding event so everyone should have the bonus anyway! Please fix asap thanks!

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Same here it went after the update for new content

I have also lost my season token bonus.

Yup, lost mine. I’ve had the token bonus from season line since day one of the winter season too. Now poof, it’s gone. If PG doesn’t want us to have the bonus tokens then I want a sigil refund on that season line!

I’d rather have 1M tokens for the trouble they have caused.