Lost token boosts and elite for rubies

I wasn’t sure where to put it, hope this is fine.

So after this season start I seem to have had a lot go wrong; I was one of the players that lost sigils last event, that got fixed, but now it seems I have two new promlem:

  1. Either elite og the token bonus doesn’t work, since I’m only getting 40 tokens for the small mission. Only reason I got it now was to grind tokens before event, so seems a little like a waste of sigils right now. (I’ve written to the team about this, but havn’t gotten a reply as of yet).

  2. I’ve just noticed that I can no longer buy elite with rubies. I can see others had this issue at the start of the season (I did not), and that this wasn’t intentional, but now it seems to be an issue for me.

  3. Maybe I should add that I’ve had the event page reload after collecting prices quite a few times, and it doesn’t seem solved as of yet.

I’m writing this mostly to make sure the team knows about this, if they don’t know already (I’m not sure how long it will take for my ticket to get through to pg, and I’m not going to write another so soon). I’m not running out of elite anytime soon, and it’s too late to fix the token boost before breeding either way, but I hope it gets solved quickly regardless.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: Fixed

  1. Is this 40 tokens appearing as 20+20 or just a single 40?
  2. Try to reinstall the game. Many have noticed this being a problem but it is fixed with a fresh install
  1. 20+20
  2. Reinstalled just a few days ago, but can try it again

It actually helped, thanks. Can’t believe I didn’t think of doing that in the first place.

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  1. Your egg token bonus is not in effect. Did you recently claim it? Typically it used to take up to 24 hours from time of claiming until time of activation but this season there have been several that have taken much longer or required support interaction to “activate” the bonus.
  2. :+1:

No, claimed it several days ago, and it did work in the beginning. The update helped with this as well though

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