Lost troops in transition from new ATLAS map to old


Anyone else lost troops in transition? I lost around 20k troops in transition. Even the prims summoned were different than what I had kept out.


I had an extra trapper summoned. Wondering if we had the original primes summoned at the start, as well as troop counts given again.

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Lost 2k off my sieger, which got unsummoned, but troops didnt get sent to barracks.

Not as bad as you, but yea…I bet many lost some or a lot of troops.

Havent checked alt yet…

Looks like I got reverted to what I had on my prims before the shuffle update.


Same stuff happened with my prims. Even the position of my prims is reverted to old position before new map came in. All troops added during pvp lost.

Go check the guards on your castle in castle menu.

Not there!

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Yes both my accounts lost troops as well. Many folks on the team did. I suggest messaging help desk and getting the ticket started

I lost about 20k troops - lost team castle guards - castle names reverted to what they were pre swap (lost gold)

I submitted a ticket, we will see

CG seems to be a weird visual glitch one way or another.

Yes. I lost around 35k. My destroyer was parked on one castle and now is back on its original castle pre-shuffle. What a load of garbage. Even when they do the right thing they manage to screw it up.

Yes I lost everything I built since the new atlas came and all back to what was before everything in hospital plus the new troops around 200k😡

Yea I lost troops too. A taunter I had garrisoned after the shuffle was replaced by the trapper I originally had there. But he didn’t get the amount of troops I had on the taunter. That or the newly built troops are gone.

I am also not entirely sure but I think I also lost upgrades on gear I was just cooking.

Ticket sent, lost over 40k. One team mate lost 89k and another lost over 50k. Looks like it’s not just a few people. We have requested everyone on the team to review their troops and contact support directly.

Some people unlocked the third primarch slot and then relocked it after unshuffling. The diamonds used for unlocking are still decreasing.

Lost 10k - 15k too. I submitted a ticket now.

Submit those tix, we are aware that troop numbers are wonky for some users.

I lost 30k troops which is a big deal for me cause thats half of my troops . I submitted a ticket but no reply for the last 7 hours.

Any update on this… it’s a big/costly issue for a number of people.

We have gotten some refund of them but I have players who lost no troops who got 15k back and both of my accounts lost significantly more than 11-15k and one account got 11k back and one 15k. I’m curious what the system for determining this was? Thanks for clarifying. I have messaged support again to ask for the remaining troops I lost back- will see how that goes.

If they gave a blanket refund that is absolutely ridiculous. Some players lost less, some more, but troops is a serious and costly mistake on PG’s part. A better solution than just 15k per person is needed. I have one team mate who lost 89k… there is no way that every single one should not be refunded. You don’t mess with players troops, too much time, effort and money goes into them.