Lottery game idea for in game prizes


Hold a lottery game like the lottery in real life. Instead of winning real cash, prizes would be game related.
(Prize ideas)
7 number match = rubies. Amount won goes up each day no one wins.

6 number match = sigil or gold chest

5 number match = specialty item like one of a kind dragon, unique items or power ups, etc.

4 number match = free 30 day elite account or speed ups, etc

3 number match = ?

2 number match = ?

1 number match = ?

Open to any and all suggestions, comments, ideas, concerns.

Price per line $0.50 considering it’s not real money you can spend anywhere.


This is probably my least favourite suggestion! The game already has gambling in the form of chests, and not many people seem to like the gambling (but of course they are addicted to it!)


Thank you for your feed back.


We have lottery system already. It’s called chests. :joy:


I would not partake in an additional gambling game like this. If rather leave that to the casino and other games that are out there


As if Chests and Bazaar wasn’t enough gambling already…


She wants to have more of a rush to win the lottery in WD :rofl:


what a bad idea.
This brings nothing to the game, nothing to the players, just another way for players to be asked for money and get not enough in return, more dispondency and discontent, more unnecessary complexity.


This doesn’t really relate very much to the gameplay of War Dragons aside from the prizes, which are better-earned through in-game events and contests our community folks run. Thanks for taking the time to write up your idea @ruinstoash!


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