Lotus bloom dragons spell details

It’s not official post , but got the spell details from official war dragons YouTube channel spot light video , thought I can share it here, since no one talked about it here .

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The Great Protector
Mythic Earth Invoker

Invoke: Smite - Passive | Yellow
Upon Invoking, deals 1500% of the dragon’s attack power to towers in a target area.

Mark of Tribute - Active | Red | 0 Rage
Mark a target tower. When the marked tower is destroyed, dragon heals for 20% of its modified HP and restores 1 rage. 5-second cooldown.

Protector’s Resolve - Toggle | White | 0.33 Rage/secondWhen active, drain 0.33 rage per second to block 100% of all incoming damage. No cooldown.

Turn the Tide - Active | White | 1 Rage
Dragon cloaks for 2 seconds. Upon uncloaking, damages nearby towers for 8% of dragon’s modified HP and gains 50% increased breath damage for 2 seconds. 1-second cooldown

Keeper of Balance
Legendary Earth Sorcerer

Spell kit:
Magic Barrier - Active | White | 0 Rage
Dragon becomes immune to all incoming damage for 3.5 seconds. Magic Barrier blocks Mage Tower’s supershot rage drain/freeze effect. 5 second cooldown.

The Two Paths - ActiveCycles between Disorder and Tranquility * Disorder - Active | Red | 1 RageDamages nearby towers for 6% of dragon’s modified HP and debuffs them to receive 33% increased damage. 2-second cooldown. * Tranquility - Active | Red | 1 RageDamages nearby towers for 6% of dragon’s modified HP and debuffs them to deal 33% reduced damage. 2-second cooldown.

Karmic Bolt - Active | White | 1 Rage
Deals 2500% of dragon’s attack power to target tower. Restores 12% of dragon’s modified health on cast. 4-second cooldown.


The Grand Destroyer
Mythic Wind Warrior

Spell kit:
Cower in Fear! - Active | Red | 1 Rage
Deals 6% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to nearby towers and freezes them for 3.5 seconds. No cooldown.

Destroyer’s Wrath - Toggle | White | 0.33 Rage/second
Drains rage per second to increase dragon’s breath damage by 250%. No cooldown.

Delight in Destruction - Active | Blue | 1 RageRestores 3 rage on cast and for 4 seconds causes dragon to heal for 12% of its modified HP whenever a tower is destroyed. 4 second cooldown.

Blade Storm - Active | White | 2 Rage
Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for 3 seconds and damages nearby towers for 6% of dragon’s modified HP each second. 8 second cooldown


Emberheart Drake
Legendary Fire Hunter

Spell kit:
On the Hunt - ActiveCycles between Stalk and Pounce: * Stalk - Active | Blue | 1 RageDragon cloaks for 2 seconds and restores 50% of Hunter ammo. Upon uncloaking, the dragon damages nearby towers for 10% of its modified HP. No cooldown period. *Pounce - Active | White | 0 RageDebuffs nearby towers to take 100% increased damage. 4 second cooldown.

Hunter’s Mark - Active | Red | 1 RageMarks target tower. When the target tower is destroyed, dragon heals for 31% of its modified HP and restores 2 rage. 4 second cooldown.

Entrap - Active | White | 1 RageCast upon a target area. Stuns targets in the area for 12 seconds or until it is damaged. No cooldown.

Fire Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow
Reduce damage taken from Fire Flak Towers by 70%.


Thank you. I really need this info to assess my choices.

Invoker looks promising.

Mythic warrior seems a beast with 250% boost damage, however lack the mechanism to kill fast. On top of that, two spells are not white. Weak,… weak… weak…

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250% is like Gig atk bonus right? thats some nuts damage 0-0

invoker looks broken af tho

pls dont nerv naja,at least wait until all diamond player finish all 2 lines discount :disappointed: :persevere:

He actually looks pretty solid imo

Gig is only 150%!

I think this is the highest they give the dragon for attack boost.

Is there any sign that he is overpowered? Lol

The dragon has mind spike damage as an invoke, so he can hit at least 1 tier up at max level, the cd of the cloak is 1 second if you dont let it explode, you can shoot down the ice flak on turn, cloak mage shots, cancel cloak with invincibility shield. At this point no amount of defenders can beat the dragon because you can just cloak when supershots go off and cancel the cloak with shield.

The shield has no cd between toggles so if youre running low on rage you can instantly toggle it on and off against one tower to gain immunity against that specific tower.

oh and he gets a hunters mark for free.

i think the question of a nerf is not “if”, but “when”…


did you fly dragon recently?

No. That’s why I ask how do we know that he is overpowered before somebody flying him and give a proper opinion.

It’s not white invincible shield. Shield blocks 100% Incoming damage but still can be rage drained and that’s the silver line

I’m not saying Naja is weak, especially not versus same tier towers, but I do find it a bit sad that a legendary Invoker from last season can hit several tiers up with a 2500% damage shot (x2 with his ammo reset) while Naja, an up to date mythic Invoker only gets a 1500% damage shot and no ammo reset.

I wonder if you could try hitting up with Naja using the cloak before facing the island and shooting the Invoke shot while being buffed by +50% damage for a 2250% damage shot. But I guess that exposes you to be hit by all remaining supershots without the cloak skill being ready.
So undefended Naja might still be able to hit up quite a few tiers but defended it will probably struggle hitting up too high.

I’m assuming Naja has a lower skill ceiling than Morak and thus also has a lower ceiling of hitting tiers up.

Again my comment is only relevant for players wanting to hit up several tiers and does not criticise Naja’s spellset or spell balance vs. respective tier towers (looking at you @Shivenzo :wink: )


As if it’s not enough to put another mark spell on new dragons which doesn’t work on Atlas monuments, putting a mark spell on an Invoker seems to be extra blunt when activating the mark on a classic map monument requires one shot of a 4 ammo reserve that only recharges when it’s empty so it’s a huge waste using 1/4th of our ammo reserves for this.

Spells like this belong on hunters from 2015 :man_facepalming:t3:
I really wonder what PG was thinking right there. Any other form of healing, be it upon clicking a spell or as a passive effect would have made more sense.


I think it will be fine hitting a tier up. You can use cloak to boost smite near Moraks invoke attack. Plus this is a better endgame dragon as it can actually heal. That said I’m not sure if he’s OP or needs an ammo reset ability. Or maybe a rune that decreases the invoker attack cooldown. It’s honestly too difficult to tel how strong he is from spell details. Just gonna have to see how he flies. He’s gonna be good, but just depends on aoe Of invoke attack and his shield if he’s good or OP

Edit2: it also says TOWERS in target area so likely can hit two or three towers, if that’s the case he will be fine and definitely won’t need a boost and could potentially be OP, his enemy will be a shielding tower and late Ice Flak SS (or not because I’m not sure if IceFlak knocks out his shield)

I will have a hard time choosing which dragon to fly tho, we’ll see

Also edit: I did see ya had a way more detailed Way of saying what I said after I replied lol

Sorry I know it’s all over the place with edits and what not. I’m not the best at making things flow on the phone lol :sweat_smile:

These are my thoughts as well! Hence, I’m slightly underwhelmed but still very excited cause I love flying and learning new dragons, but personally feel like I will be investing more of my better runes/gear/rider on Morak :shushing_face:


I still have a rune for Neptus to use on an invoker :grin::eyes: 8% attack lol just which one to use it on haha

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I believe it will knock out shield, but it can be toggled on right away after the silence period ends.

I feel like you need to take out IF first, but I’d red and blue mage are not beside each other, that means each tower needs one invoke shot, so that’s 6 seconds of Regen, and potentially having to dodge 2 rounds of super shots if you want to avoid mage drain…

Or outside of atlas, place a mark before you face island, and select mark to store it before the mage drain hits so you have 2 places for after mage drain.

Would have to play around with it

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If you like Naja and are closer to end game probably Naja, Morak only needs it when you start reaching like 4-5 tiers up hahaha


Not endgame. 3 breeds from Vans